Why 'Crescent Moon Kitchen'? By definition, a crescent moon symbol implies a message of hope & desire for the world.

For half my life, I have been interested in vegetarianism. In 1988 at age 21, I became a vegetarian overnight. As I saw it then, animals didn't need to die so I could eat.

Over the years, admittedly, I went back and forth from a vegetarian to omnivore diet. In 2011, I had my 'eureka' moment when I discovered how broken our food system was. I became intrigued about health and wellness and read up everything possible. I read  The China Study and it completely changed my paradigm on food and health. I attended holistic classes, health shows, vegetarian food festivals and started cooking plant based/vegan foods. Unlike when I was 21, now there was the Internet and it made resources easy to find. Something was happening called 'the food movement' and I joined it. 

The truth is, junk food dominates the Standard American Diet (SAD). Fast food is around every corner and we are eating more of it everyday. The reality is that junk food is not really food at all. It causes a lot of harm to our health and to our environment. By eating Plant Based, we are avoiding the health dangers that come with the SAD diet.

In 2015, already vegetarian for a few years - I decided to try going completely plant based, eliminating all dairy from my diet for 30 days. I wanted to see if it would reverse some health conditions I was having. I was dealing with regular joint pain and sinus issues. After 30 days eating plant based, my conditions disappeared and I have never looked back. I discovered a direct connection to the foods we eat, the health we experience and the world around us. We are what we eat. It is unnecessary to directly or indirectly cause extreme suffering and death of any other animal or human when there are alternatives.


This website is about my ongoing discoveries in the plant-based world. It's about cooking, baking, food discovery and health. It is a place to share my plant food inspirations with you. This blog is for everyone who loves food. No one is judged. Whether you are plant based, vegan, vegetarian or omnivore, my goal is to share my food experiences with everyone! 

Thanks for reading my blog ...


**Note: All recipes are plant based/vegan, some are gluten-free**


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